Nuno de Sousa Pereira, GRW'06
EGP-University of Porto Business School

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Nuno De Sousa Pereira is the Dean of EGP-University of Porto Business School. He has bachelors and masters degrees from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Porto and a doctoral degree from Health Care Management Department of the The Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is also an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto.
Before joining EGP-UPBS in 2009,Nuno was the Director General of the Office of Planning, Strategy, Evaluation and International Relations at the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration. He was the Portuguese representative to the Board of Directors of the European Investment Bank in 2008 and 2009, where he was also a member of the Sub-Committee on Pensions and Remuneration.

Nuno was the head of Portugal’s delegation to the Economic Policy Committee of the OECD and to the European Union from 2007 until 2009. He also represented Portugal at the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, African Development Bank, and the Asian Development Bank from 2007 to 2009. Nuno chaired the Commission accompanying the currency agreement between Portugal and Cape Verde, negotiated the exchange agreement between Portugal and Sao Tome and Principe. He led the negotiations for Portugal's accession to the Corporación Andina de Fomento. Prior to 2001, Nuno worked in the private sector, both in the financial and industrial sectors.

He has published articles in various academic journals including the Journal of Health Economics, Health Affairs, Judgment and Decision Making, the Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, and the Journal of Development Economics.

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